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14: Benriner Japanese Mandoline

Ahh, the Benriner. Yet another example of cheap is good. The Benriner does not have all the functionality of more expensive mandolines (no french fry blade, no waffle cuts) and the finger guard is worthless, but if what you need is veryfine ("superfine") to medium slices and/or fine juliennes, this is the thing. We sell more of these than all other mandoline styles combined. $29.95

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At 10:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a $125 mandoline and a $30 Benriner. I am a little afraid of the mandoline. I am a little confused by the mandoline. And while the mandoline does some kitchen tasks very well, the Benriner is my constant kitchen companion.

Plus, the Benriner's packaging had the most hilarious Japanese to English translated instructions.


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