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23: Nespresso espresso time

4:00 is Nespresso time at KitchenArts...these are the best espresso machines out there. There are fancier ones, more "authentic" ones, ones that speak to you in Italian, but there are none that produce great espresso as quickly, cleanly and uniformly as these Nespresso machines. These run exclusively on Nespresso pods, which is the reason for their speed and ease. This 15 year old system has a 25% market share in parts of Europe, and there are many espresso styles always readily available by phone or online. If you are sick of time consuming, messy espresso machines with spotty results, it's Nespresso time. Come in the store for a demo, maybe I'll teach you how to juggle. I've got answers to many Nespresso questions posted in the eBay listing for these units, or click here to visit Nespresso's site.

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